Pizza Party Program

Pizza Party’s and $50 Visa Gift Cards are just a little added bonus to make your fundraiser a success.

The goal for any successful fundraiser is to have every single child in the entire school participate in your campaign. This is easier said than done. We at 1 of a Kind Fundraising understand how to get the students involved and selling. So we offer the winning class in the school who sells the most items a Pizza Party paid for by us. Every kid loves Pizza and every participant helps your campaign. By rewarding the entire class with a Pizza Party we build up the competition between classrooms to make sure we help you reach your goals.

Along with a Pizza Party for the students we also reward the Teacher of the winning class. Now we know that Teachers have a heavy load and at times are too busy to take on the duty of a fundraising campaign person. We understand that a Teacher reminding the students on a daily basis to fundraise will guarantee a spike in your numbers. So to make you successful we reward the Teacher of the winning class with a Fifty Dollar ($50) Visa Gift Card.