Fight To Live Cancer Awareness

These custom designed stylish high quality shirts, long sleeves and sweatshirts will be a hot sale. Not only does your group offer these not sold in stores 1 of a kind items but we also make a donation to cancer research in the name of your organization. Our stylish designs for men and women allow you the opportunity to make a sell with each potential buyer. We also offer each of your participants their very own free sweatshirts when they sell 10 of their own. This product is easily marketable as we all must stay aware 365 days of the year about this disease that affects us all in one way or another. Our specialized 365 awareness items will NOT be found anywhere else in the World. This is a specialized, custom design created by our staff of designers. 10 out of 10 women said they would absolutely love sporting this 365 attire and would purchase the men’s items for the man in her life.





*Minimum order only required for Cancer Awareness and Cookie Dough fundraisers. 100 total Cancer Awareness items ordered or shipping must be paid by participating organization. 330 Cookie Dough items must be ordered or shipping must be paid by participating organization.